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ActivEng offers a flexible approach to oil and gas project execution.

From your project's inception to construction and start-up, you decide how involved we need to be.  We adapt to your environment and understand that not every project requires the typical EPC model. Your project is completed your way.

Project Management
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We manage your projects with agility; to you, that means extremely quick response times and trust that on-the-fly changes are achieved efficiently. What really sets ActivEng apart is our talented personnel, detailed execution strategies, strong vendor management and implementation of key performance indicators.

  • Project Reporting/Scheduling

  • Cost Monitoring and Control

  • Project Coordination and Execution Plans

  • Start-up/Commissioning Planning and Control

  • Quality and Document Control

  • Procurement and Vendor Management

  • Transportation/Logistics Coordination

  • Cost Estimates and Risk Management

Design & Drafting

Our team's extensive hands-on field experience means better, more reliable, designs. This insight equates to fewer delays due to field issues, enhanced functionality and improved operability overall.

  • Complete Gathering System/Metering System Schematics

  • Process Flow Diagrams

  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams

  • Line Lists, Valve Lists, PSV Lists, Instrument Lists

  • Cadworx 3D Modeling and Design

  • Site/Plot Plans

  • Piping Plans and Elevations

  • Piping Isometrics

  • Bills of Materials

  • Structural Design

  • Pile Layouts

  • Site Grading Plans

  • Electrical Hazardous Area Classification

  • Electrical Single Line Diagrams

  • Electrical Power Distribution Schematics

  • Electrical Discrete/Analog Schematics

  • Electrical Junction Box Wiring Schematics

  • Electrical Conduit and Cable Schedules

  • Cathodic Protection System Layouts

  • Shut Down Keys

  • Grounding Site Plans

  • Site Safety Plot Plans

  • Pipeline Alignment Sheets

  • Heat Tracing System Layout


The diverse field experience of our in-house multi-disciplined engineers helps us plan for and navigate your codes and regulations, remote landscapes, environmental implications, government grants and restrictions.


  • Facility Optimization

  • Emissions Studies

  • Process Simulations

  • FEED Studies

  • Multiphase Gathering System Simulations

  • Phase Simulations and Hydrate Modeling

  • EPEA Licensing

  • DEOS Calculations

  • H2S Extraction and Sweetening Facilities

  • LPG Recovery and Stabilization

  • Condensate Stabilization

  • Refrigeration Facilities

  • Joule Thompson (JT) Facilities/Choke Plants

  • Dehydration Facilities

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  • Shutdown Key Development

  • Power Generation and Power Distribution

  • Motor Control Centers (MCC)

  • Control System Design for Gas Plants, Compressors, Pumps, Separation, Dehydration, Oil Handling Facilities, Gas and Oil Pipelines, and Chemical  Manufacturing Facilities

  • Automation PLC, DCS, SCADA and HMI Systems

  • Programming and Configuration

  • SCADA System Upgrades

  • Fire, LEL and H2S Detection Equipment

  • Area Classification and Fugitive Emission Studies

  • Specification Development
    Start-up, Troubleshooting and Commissioning



  • Equipment Sizing and Specification

  • Piping and Pipeline System Design

  • Piping System Hydraulic Modeling

  • Troubleshooting and Debottlenecking

  • HAZOP System Analysis

  • Piping Stress Analysis

  • Piping Design for Stress Mitigation

  • Pipeline Route Analysis and Bend Studies

  • Pipeline Crossing, Buckling and

  • Overburden Analysis

  • Finite Element Analysis

  • On Site Troubleshooting



  • Structural Analysis and Design

  • Earthworks and Piping Foundations

  • Structural Steel/Pipe Racks

  • Skids/Modular Packages


  • AER Facility and Pipeline Applications

  • Codes of Practice

  • ABSA Pressure Piping Registrations

  • Facility and Pipeline Audits

  • Pipeline Integrity Management

Modular Solutions
gens night_small.jpg

Complete provision of your modular buildings and skid packages - built where you need them shipped wherever in the world you need them, using your preferred vendor for equipment. Our team will look after everything from design, engineering, procurement of materials, logistics and commissioning. 

  • Separator Packages

  • Meter Skid Packages

  • Line Heater Packages

  • Electrical Substations

  • Control Buildings

  • Power Generation and Integration

  • Control Panels and Systems

  • Pump Stations

Field Support

One of the values that set us apart from your typical engineering model is our field technical support. Our work doesn’t just stop at the engineering or fabrication phase.

ActivEng understands the importance of construction support, commissioning and start-up. We will partner with your workforce or supply our own to ensure the project is seamlessly completed.

  • Construction Management

  • Commissioning and Start-up

  • Maintenance and Turnarounds

  • Operations Training, Inspections and Quality Control

  • 3D Site Scanning and Surveys

Steve on Helicopter_brochure.jpg

As the world focuses more on renewable energies and sustainable operations, ActivEng recognizes the need to provide more environmentally-safe solutions. 

Our team is inspired by the energy and power generation industry - a greener approach to traditional hydrocarbons is becoming more sought after and viable. We can partner with you to move your project ahead, in any part of the globe.

  • Gas to Power

  • Solar

  • Wind

  • Hydro

  • Alternative Fuel Sources

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